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Have you ever wondered where our crickets come from, and how they end up in our crackers? Well we’re here to tell you!
Our crickets are farmed in Thailand by small family-owned businesses, and our cricket powder comes from a BRC certified supplier.
Recent studies have shown that the global warming potential of insects farmed in Thailand (and then transported to Europe) is lower compared to insects farmed in Europe.

Back in Europe, we use only 100% natural ingredients such as wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, and of course, our cricket flour! Insects bring protein (a lot!), vitamin B12 and real umami flavour, while cereals offer fibre, texture and the distinctive crunchiness.

And the packaging? Our packaging is plastic neutral but not plastic-free. A compostable alternative that can handle products like ours, containing extra virgin olive oil, simply does not yet exist.
So we decided to tackle the problem from another angle. Small Giants is now certified Plastic Neutral meaning that we remove as much plastic waste from nature as we use.
So, if you like your snacks a little unusual, very sustainable, and outrageously tasty, don’t be shy and give our edible insects a try!

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