We're in Sainsbury's!

cricket crackers are in sainsbury's

We are positively hopping with excitement (get it – hopping?) to announce that from February 14th we will be available in 70 Sainsburys stores across England.

Find the nearest Sainsbury’s to you that stock Small Giants and grab a pack today! You can also find us on Sainsbury’s online.

What’s available from our Range?

You can find two of our flavours – ‘Tomato & Oregano’ and ‘Rosemary & Thyme’ – in the ‘Future Brands’ aisle, to help make your snacking a little more whacky and a lot more sustainable.

One of our founders, Edoardo Imparato, says “Small Giant Crackers are the best way to try insects for the first time… and fall in love with them! We’re excited to be launching in Sainsbury’s to give more people the chance to taste our revolutionary snacks. As attitudes towards edible insects are changing, we want to bring excitement, innovation, and new consumers to the savoury snacks market. We’ve created a planet-positive insect-enriched snack that tastes great and offers a genuine alternative to those wanting to cut their consumption of animal-based foods and find an alternative source of protein.”

Will you catch the love bug this Valentine’s day?

If you care about the future of our planet, or simply want a tasty, high protein snack to get you through the day, grab a couple of bags of our cricket cracker bites next time you drop by and give them a try. And let us know what you think!


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