Our products may be super sustainable,
but what about our packaging?

plastic neutral certification

We are proud to announce that Small Giants is now a Plastic Neutral company – we are thrilled to offer our products with a Net Zero Plastic Footprint. We have partnered with rePurpose Global, who aim to offset your plastic wastage. This makes us Europe and UK’s first insect-based brand to become Plastic Neutral.

By developing a new idea of healthy snacking we are creating a way towards a more sustainable future. We share with rePurpose Global the same motivation to act immediately and not to be stuck by the fear of changing the status quo. We cannot eliminate plastic right now but we can reduce its negative impact.

We don’t know about you, but we’ve found it a bit difficult to stay positive this year with everything
that’s currently going on in the world. However, there is one important (and amazing!) aspect to
have arisen from COVID-19 that we can be upbeat about – global carbon emissions dropped by an estimated 7% 1, the biggest annual drop since World War Two.

So, in the spirit of taking action, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with rePurpose Global, a company which offsets your plastic wastage.

CARPE worker passing in front of RePurpose sign with plastic bag

Ok, but what does this actually mean?

This means that Small Giants is funding the removal and reuse of the same amount of plastic from nature that we use in our packaging, consequently certifying us as a Plastic Neutral company.

Through this partnership with rePurpose Global, we are supporting CARPE in India, a civic engagement enterprise focused on waste management. CARPE has significant expertise in building new value chains for plastic waste recovery and recycling across central and northern India.

Waste worker communities who work with rePurpose Global’s partner organisations form the backbone of our Plastic Neutral achievement. As you may know, millions of workers are engaged with informal recycling across cities in the developing world – from Nairobi and Rio de Janeiro to Mumbai and Jakarta, they play a crucial role in dealing with the consequences of our consumption. Despite that, their environmental work remains unsung and these marginalized communities barely earn livable wages, weather harsh working conditions, and are often stuck in a cycle of abject poverty.

From now on, any Small Giants purchase will be helping rePurpose Global and its waste management partners to add crucial income streams for informal waste workers and their families. Through our Plastic Neutral contributions, rePurpose Global pays ethical wages to waste workers for collecting hard-to-recycle and low-value plastic waste items (e.g. crisp packets) for which they never receive compensation from the current recycling market. This way, waste workers get fairly compensated for their important work, while diverting plastic waste that would have otherwise been landfilled, burned or flushed into our oceans.

two Carpe workers recycle plastic

Great news, but why are you still using plastic?

For a long time, we looked for an eco-friendlier material to replace plastic in our packaging. But the truth is, plastic is a magical material that is incredibly light-weight and durable with an impressively low environmental footprint compared to glass or metal. Furthermore, it slashes food waste as a result of the improved shelf life. The problem with plastic doesn’t lie in the material itself, but in the way we manage it. When disposed, recycled, or offset responsibly, the material proves to be much lighter on the environment than any other mainstream alternatives. However, we recognize that we as a world have utterly mismanaged the plastic we do use, and that’s why we decided to take action.

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1 Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 2020. ‘Global Carbon Budget 2020’. https://essd.copernicus.org/articles/12/3269/2020/

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