Cricket High Protein Fusilli Pasta

Say Hi to Your New High Protein Favourite Pasta!


With 22% complete and natural protein (more than a steak!)

✔ Ready in 9 minutes and maintains perfect cooking

✔ High satiety power thanks to its high fiber and protein content

✔ Ideal for a quick meal or to diversify your diet

✔ Excellent al dente texture, try it with any sauce!


Quantity: 4 x 250g packs

12.50 inc. VAT/IVA 13% (€3.13 / pack)
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  • Natural and sustainable source of protein
  • Tempo di spedizione: 4-5 giorni
More Proteins than Meat
Freaking Sustainable
High in vit. B12
Wildly Tasty

Cricket Flour has a Nutty, slightly Umami Flavour. You know wholemeal pasta? There, Much Better.

Freaking Sustainable

If you want to Reduce Emissions from your Diet, Insect Based Food is all you are looking for.

Complete Protein King

Our Cricket Flour contains up to 77% High-Quality Protein: one of the Most Nutritious protein source on the Planet!

A Pasta like no other

Discover how easy it is to vary your diet with a unique product with endless potential.

Safety and Quality

Our products are produced following the highest international food safety standards. Every batch is tested to ensure quality of the final product.

Plastic Neutral

Each purchase carries a Net Zero Plastic Footprint. We fund the collection, processing, and recovery of as much plastic waste as we use across our operations.

Product info

A Universal Nutrient Source

Our Cricket Pasta is the perfect choice for a diverse and balanced diet. Thanks to its High Protein Content, it fits seamlessly into any diet, making the consumption of meat avoidable for a balanced meal. It can be used in various preparations: with sauce, vegetables, baked, or eaten cold, allowing you to unleash your creativity!


How to Cook

Pour the pasta into plenty of boiling salted water, just like regular pasta. The cooking time varies from 7 to 9 minutes, depending on your personal preference. For more refined palates, we recommend cooking it for 5 minutes in boiling salted water, then draining it, adding it to the sauce, and finishing the cooking directly in the sauce, adding a little water if necessary.


When to Eat

Cricket Pasta is an excellent choice for those who want a quick meal, aim to diversify their diet as much as possible, reduce meat consumption, or simply taste a different pasta dish from the usual. Our only advice is to limit meat consumption during the same meal to avoid excessive protein intake.

Ingredients & nutrition

Cricket Fusilli: durum wheat semolina, cricket (Acheta Domesticus) flour (10%). For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Per 100g product*
Energy/Energia/Energie1610 KJ
382 kcal
Fat/Grassi/Fett2.5 g
of which saturates/di cui saturi/davon gesättigte Fettsäuren0.3 g
Carbohydrate/Carboidrati/ Kohlenhydrate65 g
of which sugars/di cui zuccheri/davon Zucker2.6 g
Fibre/Fibra/Ballaststoffe2.8 g
Protein/Proteine/Eiweiß22 g
Salt/Sale/Salz0.1 g

Contains crickets. Individuals allergic to crustaceans, or molluscs, or dust mites may also be allergic to crickets. May contain traces of soy, mustard, eggs and molluscs.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Niente male! Alla fine il sapore è quello della pasta integrale, col vantaggio delle proteine.
Anche semplicemente con olio evo e grana padano è ottima!


Li ho acquistati in un pacchetto con più prodotti e sono veramente buoni, non hanno un sapore molto diverso dalla pasta integrale, anche senza condimento è buona, ma inizialmente per timore la ho provata con il sugo di pomodoro

La pasta che aspettavo

Il prodotto è buono e digeribile. Il grande vantaggio è non dovermi preoccupare di aggiungere un ingrediente proteico alla pasta, in quanto il piatto è di per sé già bilanciato.

Silvia Stocco
Fusilli di grillo

Facili ed uguali come la pasta "normale" nel modo di preparazione e anche nei tempi di cottura.
Al gusto buona ,a mio avviso l'ho trovata più digeribile della pasta integrale e il condimento a piacere ,perché (sempre basandomi su i miei gusti) si sposa bene anche con i ragù di varia natura,dal manzo ,al cervo più se la accompagni con le verdure è il top. Sono rimasta soddisfatta.

Super buona

Sono già cliente Small Giants e non vedevo l'ora di provare anche i fusilli. Super buoni.