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Better than expected!

I've finally tried them and now I'm ready to try other insect-based products! I'm enjoying them but they have a slightly bitter aftertaste, probably it's the flavour.

I thougt I would find a taste bundle with each flavours in the shop.
One box it's not overpriced but a bit over-sized for a taste test.

Next time I will order other flavours 🙂


I cracker sono molto buoni in tutte e tre le varianti di gusto, ma soprattutto sono nutrienti. Sono uno sportivo e cerco sempre un modo per ottimizzare l'apporto energetico, ma senza rinunciare al gusto (non sono un estremista): credo proprio di averlo trovato! Peraltro il sapore e la consistenza dei cracker li rende parecchio versatili, li si può mangiare da soli come spuntino oppure durante il pasto, come supporto per formaggi, spalmabili o simile. Un alimento sano e buono quindi, praticamente una rarità. Sicuramente li acquisterò di nuovo.
Consegna davvero veloce e assistenza all'ordine precisa, i ragazzi "dietro le quinte" sono gentilissimi.
P.S. Per gli scettici: ero curioso di scoprire "che sapore avessero"... in realtà sono semplicemente buoni.

Very good, innovative and truly sustainable product

It was a great surprise and the taste is great!
I will recommend it to all my friends because I believe that a battle for sustainability and for the future of our children is something to do! I am a marathon runner and a fitness enthusiast and I believe that looking for complete and excellent quality foods like these is a must for a true sportsman.
Great job guys, I will continue to follow you and do more orders!


Cracker molto buoni. Sai che sono di insetto solo che leggi gli ingredienti. 😅 Tra i tre gusti l'unico che non ricomprerei è la curcuma, la trovo troppo speziata.

Ideal snack for my days out in the mountains

These crunchy crackers are very satisfying and definitely filling. The pack size is perfect for my days out in the mountains!!! I love to go hiking and riding my mountain bike but I don't like energy bars and I was looking for something a little healthier and with taste. These mini crackers are fantastic as they are full of protein and energy while bringing along a great concept: edible insects should be part of our future!

The Future is Crunchy

An incredible discovery: tasty, crunchy and sustainable!!!

Very interesting and tasty product

It is very interesting to finally be able to try a product that respects the FAO indications for new sustainable protein sources, the proposed combinations are varied and pleasant, like many spices subject to personal taste, in my case all appreciated, I hope they will be there soon. new products of the same line to try!

Crickets as an alternative source of sustainable protein

I love the idea behind these snacks: an easy way to add edible insects to our diet as an alternative source of sustainable protein. If they are healthy, nutritious, and tasty, as Small Giants are, why not consider them as a new addition to our diet? Have a look at their nutritional value, these surely are healthy snacks not like the fried potato crisps! I had the 24 packs bundle and love all the flavours, but turmeric and paprika is my favourite. I will buy this again and again!

Tasty high protein crackers with cricket powder, yummy! Perfect for a day out

Now that I’m off red meat and fish, getting the right amount of protein is not always easy. With 9g of complete protein per pack, these crackers are a great addition to my shopping list! I love to go hiking and they are the perfect on-the-go food for my days out containing a balanced amount of all nutrients: carbs, proteins, fibre and good fats.

Pleasantly surprised

I didn’t know what to expect with these crackers, though I found them quite tasty! Definitely worth the purchase and looking forward to trying other flavors.

A great discovery

I ordered a variety pack out of curiosity, and guess what? Small Giants had it right, their crackers are not just nutritionally healthy and sustainable, but they are good, really good indeed, crunchy and tasty. Are you used to other well-known healthy brands crackers? Well, try these instead, you won't be disappointed, they are way better and richer in protein too. Oh, and if no one tells you, you will never know they are made of insects 😉
As for my favourite, I think it's Rosemary & Thyme, but all three are worth a try.

A great product!

I ordered the sampler box as I really wanted to try all three flavours and I was impressed? I like them all and each are equally lovely with a nice crunch that gives them that perfect cracker feeling. I used them as a substitute for my usual snack cracker and added things to them like different types of cheese and jalapenos and they work perfectly! I like they are good for the environment and a sustainable food source and will be ordering more soon. More people really should give them a go to see how great they are!

Little crackers full of taste

I ordered some because I was very curious to try these products – completely new to me. I was a little skeptical as I had never tried any insect-based snacks before. The taste was quite unexpected but absolutely delicious and I love the idea to enrich my diet with also this new source of sustainable protein. If we want to change, we should definitely start somewhere and these crunchy little crackers are a smart – and yummy – way. I will definitely buy again and I strongly recommend them. Unfortunately they are not yet available in a shop near me so i decided to order the complete range to try all flavours. Turmeric and paprika is my favourite, but they're all excellent!

Snack of the future!

These crackers are far better than many other salty snacks I used to eat during my break-time at work. Now I and all the people of my office can no longer stay without them! Absolutely recommended!

Turmeric and paprika are my favourite, by far!

The products came in a 40g bag that is the perfect size to have them on the go. They have 9g of protein! It's impressive if compared with the other snacks that we usually eat in our family. They are also quite filling – I believe is related to the high content of protein. So, they're ideal for my days out but also satisfying with a glass of good wine. Turmeric and paprika are my favourite, by far!

I tasted the future

I purchased the bundle of 24 packs to discover this new world of taste. I want to say that they taste amazing. Congratulations on creating these snacks

They exceeded my expectations

I found out about these products thanks to a YouTube video I saw a while ago. At first I wanted to try them simply out of curiosity, but then I realized how much a project like this can help the environment (as well as the health of those who purchase it) and I decided to invest some more. In the end I decided to buy the variety pack, which I had to wait for for quite some time because of Brexit related issues (I'm from Italy). I have to say that the assistence I received ever since I made the order was top quality, I really have nothing to complain about.
But let's talk about the food itself: it's really, REALLY good. It's very similar to wholemeal flour and the three different flavours are very delicate, they don't cover the original flavour at all.
All in all I can say I'm very satisfied, I'll make sure I get some more in the near future.

The best snack around

Absolutely delicious, I can’t get enough and they are filling and healthy

Crazy to think I actually LOVE crickets

Alternative yumminess to protein bars, I'm a real fan of insect snacks now! Of the three, rosemary and thyme are my favourite! Try these snacks and you don't wonder anymore if crickets are tasty or not and if they could be part of our diet.

So good!

I genuinely never expected this insect-based snacks to taste so good!

Perfect for my school break! Tasty and filling

I've bought the mixed box to give all of them a try and choose my favourite. They all taste great and have a crunchy texture but for my next order I'll pick the turmeric one. I work in school and I'm always on the lookout for a tasty and filling snack to have during the breaks. I won't have to look any further – these mini crackers in small bags are perfect!

My super food 🙂

Small GIants crakers are my Super food! Tasty, healthy and sustainable! perfect to integrate my vegetarian diet and my need of good protein. I really suggest everybody to try it as daily snack to boost your energy in the mid of a work day or before a workout session!

They're incredible! Even approved by Grandpa

Incredible! Appreciated by the whole - big - family including my grandfather – he was enthusiastic about them!

A delicious source of sustainable proteins!

These small crackers are so good! They’re made with cricket flour and I love them as they are high in sustainable protein. They’re super crunchy and tasty, definitely recommended!

Love them! so tasty

I love to try new foods, especially if they are sustainable food sources. Small Giants is a great surprise: super tasty, crunchy and high in vitamin B12. They taste amazingly good!