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our award-winning snacks are made with 15% cricket flour. outrageously tasty and high in sustainable protein, vitamin b12 and fibre.

cricket crackers pack - rosemary and thyme
cricket crackers pack - turmeric & smoked paprika


If you like your snacks a little unusual, a lot sustainable and outrageously tasty, try Small Giants Crackers and smack your lips for more edible insects! These bite-sized crackers made with 15% cricket flour – a super sustainable source of protein – are a great way to eat insects without the yuck-factor. Cricket flour brings an umami taste, a protein punch and a boost of Vitamin B12. Ideal for healthy snacking at any time of day.

SUPER sustainable

Our planet first! Crickets are one of the most sustainable sources of protein on the planet. They require drastically less water, land, feed and energy than traditional protein sources. What else? Oh yes, crickets produce less than 1% of the greenhouse gases that cows emit. That’s why the UN highlighted them as a future-forward food. If you don’t want your kids to have to move to Mars, eat crickets!


high in protein

Crickets are loaded with proteins and our crunchy snacks are an excellent source of complete protein containing all the essential amino acids. Not enough? Boost your immune system with an extra dose of vitamin B12 which crickets are rich in. Try our seriously healthy snacks to keep your body singing all day long.


Carefully baked to a perfect crunch and with only high-quality 100% natural ingredients, get ready to smack your lips for more Cricket Cracker Bites. So crunchy, so moreish, perfect to eat on the go, or dipped into guacamole or hummus. These tiny cracker bites boast three fantastically vibrant flavours: turmeric & smoked paprika, tomato & oregano, and rosemary & thyme. 


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If you like your snacks a little unusual, a lot sustainable and outrageously tasty, get involved now!