Our team


Edoardo Imparato

Meet Edoardo or simply Edo. His official job title is Managing Director but, in reality, Edo takes on different roles at Small Giants: he overviews the NPD (new product development) process, logistics and sales. The idea behind Small Giants came also from his willingness to cut his meat consumption and the necessity to find a complete and sustainable alternative. During off-days, he is often on the mountains (trekking, hiking and soon climbing).


Francesco Majno

Meet Francesco or simply Fra. Officially, he is the Chief Marketing Officer of Small Giants but, in a small start up as we are, you need your eyes and hands to be always ready for anything happening. So, defining the new marketing strategy while chatting with suppliers and explaining ‘Why Insects?’ in a podcast is his everyday. He’s also one of the minds behind Small Giants birth years ago in Milan. He loves to think that with our insect-based snacks we are doing our bit to change the world. During off-days, you can find him running in parks, reading the last book from Yuval Noah Harari, or cooking with homemade basil pesto.

Brand manager

Andrea Di Nardo

Meet Andrea, our Brand Manager also known as our creativity wizard! Hopping between Spain and Italy, he’s into video games, cooking and reading while munching on edible insect crackers. He is one of the co-founders at Small Giants and works to bring these little critters to life across our channels – website, socials and our sparkling newsletters. If you ever find a typo on our visuals you can blame him 🙂 He believes there’s a whole universe of flavours to be explored and is looking forward to discovering his next tasty stop!

Social Media Manager

Cristina Di Filippo

She’s Cris 👋🏼, she is our Social Media Manager, Behavioural Economics is her cup of tea! 🍵
She loves to sing 🎤(in the shower) and relax doing some yoga; she’s a big fond of podcasts!
She loves cooking and experimenting new recipes 👩‍🍳 and ingredients, that’s one of the many reasons why she’s completely in love with edible insects.

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