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Are you buzzing that restaurants are open again? Do you take snaps of your meals, or dream about food? Then you are most definitely a foodie.
Now that we can eat out again, we decided to put together some research to find out where in the UK is the best place to be a foodie.
We looked at the UK’s 30 largest towns and cities in terms of population, and ranked them based on six different factors. And this is what we found…
Bradford – widely regarded across the nation for its amazing curry houses – is the best place in the UK to be a foodie, due to its price, percentage of five-star restaurants, Instagram-ability and number of bakeries.
Leicester was found to have the highest percentage of five-star restaurants, while Bournemouth had the best delivery options, and Coventry scored highest on the percentage of Instagram posts about food.
Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale sit Glasgow, Derby & Southampton, languishing in the bottom three places.


Six different factors were taken into consideration. The number of Michelin Star restaurants, the number of bakeries and cafés (according to TripAdvisor), and the number of five-star options on JustEat (using the centre of the city or town as set location) were all ranked in relation to the population of the towns and cities.

The price of a meal was calculated using Numbeo, by taking the median price of an ‘inexpensive meal’.

‘Instagram-ability’ was assessed by looking at the top 200 Instagram posts of each location, and working out the % of these that were images of food or drink.

The percentage of 5-star restaurants was worked out using a data-scraping tool for all restaurants for each location on TripAdvisor.

The Geographist, Tripadvisor, Just Eat, Great British ChefsNumbeo

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