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On Saturday 13th of November, after 2 weeks and an extra day, the Glasgow Climate Pact was finally reached at COP26, the last UN conference on Climate Change. 

The conference takes place every year but this was the most followed so far, making clear how much we need the climate crisis to be taken seriously NOW! 

(Or we’ll all be Fucked soon!)

Summing up the key points of the Glasgow Climate Pact, we have noticed that something GIANT was missing… Can you see it?

1. PHASE-DOWN COAL & FOSSIL FUELS  For the 1st time in COP history countries are asked to increase efforts in this direction. Even though, we must say that at the beginning the goal was to eliminate (phase-out) the use of coal, while after a last-minute change to the text, asked by India and supported by China, it turned into reducing it: (phase-down).  
2. MORE MONEY FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES  Well…they said the same 5 years ago during the Paris Agreement: rich countries promised 100 billion per year, for helping poor countries to start or continue the energy transition; now they wanna keep the promise and also increase the amount.  We’ll see!
3. END DEFORESTATION BY 2030 This time the verb is “to end” and that’s what they promised, including countries with huge forests such as Brazil & Indonesia. If put into practice, this is certainly a big win! 


This is  something really important that the two countries declared during the conference.

As you might know, China and the US are not exactly best friends and they’re also respectively the 1st and 2nd most polluting countries in the world, so this is actually very good news. 

5. COUNTRIES MUST UPDATE EMISSIONS PLANS EVERY YEAR  Countries must come back next year with plans on how they will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in order to keep temperature rises within 1.5C – which scientists say is required to prevent a “climate catastrophe”.
BUT WHERE IS THE COW?  We said that reducing greenhouse gases is very important…But where do greenhouse gas emissions come from?  Well, from cars, buildings, the light you always keep on, STOP IT!,  but also from something that delegates and heads of state seem to have mostly forgotten: Agriculture & food systems! 
About 25% of global emissions come from the food system; nevertheless, as Carl Le Blanc of Climate Healers said, : The cow in the room was ignored at this Cop; animal agriculture has been taken off the Agenda and put on the menu:” – 29% of COP26 menu was meat based and 11% fish. 

Then while we’re waiting for those people to see the cow in the room, we can start doing our part and move to a more sustainable diet; insects might be one of the best answers because they produce less than 0.1% of the greenhouse gases that cows produce.