Nothing beats freshly baked bread. This loaf is packed with nutrients from our cricket flour which enriches the dough with sustainable complete protein and other minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B12.

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Serves: 4



  • Wheat flour  450 g
  • Cricket flour  50 g
  • EVO oil 15g
  • Salt 10 g
  • Baking powder 10 g
  • Water 250g

Make a mound with the flours in the middle of your work surface, then create a well in the middle of the mound (it will kind of look like a volcano), add the baking powder and the water to the well little by little. Start to work the dough using your hands. Gradually add half of the water and when it is completely absorbed, add the salt. Knead again gradually adding the remaining water as you go. Knead for about ten minutes until the dough is soft and smooth.

At this point let the dough rest for about ten minutes. Transfer it to a lightly floured surface and give it the classic folds; Spread the dough with your hands, then fold two of the external flaps towards the centre. Repeat on the other side, then turn the bread upside down. Transfer it to a lightly floured bowl, cover and leave it to rise for about two hours, or until it has doubled in size.

Transfer the dough to a lightly floured surface and repeat the ‘classic folds’ from step 2. When you obtain a well-rounded shape, transfer it onto a previously floured baking sheet, cover it and leave it to rise for another hour.

Once it has well risen, heat the oven to 250° C. Decrease the oven temperature to 230°C and bake the bread for 20 minutes. Then lower the temperature to 180° C and continue cooking for a further 35 minutes. Let it cool before slicing and serving.Tip: rub the slices of bread with a clove of garlic then top with tomato pulp, chopped basil, oregano, salt, pepper and a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil.

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