A classic Japanese dish of battered and fried vegetables with a touch of Little Giants!

These tempura vegetables are coated in a cricket flour-based batter. Cricket flour adds a protein boost and delicious umami flavor to the dish. The goal is to achieve a crispy but airy coating that does not absorb oil during frying.

This vegetable tempura is a perfect appetizer to impress your guests!

  • Difficulty: complex
  • Servings: 4


  • Purple Cabbage: Half
  • Broccoli florets 400 g
  • Cauliflower 400 g
  • Courgette flowers 8 pcs
  • Celeriac 1 pc
  • Sunflower oil 700 g
  • Soy sauce 200 g
  • Honey 20 g
  • Balsamic vinegar 10 g
  • Rice flour 250 g
  • Cricket flour 75 g
  • Iced sparkling water 450 g
  • Salt: 1 pinch

    In a saucepan, mix all the ingredients for the accompanying sauce and place it over a very low heat until the liquid has reduced by about a third. Leave to cool.

    For the batter, place the flours, sparkling water and salt in a large bowl and beat gently, not vigorously, until evenly combined.

    Clean all the vegetables and cut them into evenly sized pieces.

    Pour the oil into a medium frying pan with high sides and place over a high heat. Once very hot, reduce the heat to medium and test the heat by dropping in a little batter; it should sizzle but not brown right away.

    Dip the vegetables in the batter and then place a number of pieces in the oil that can fry comfortably without touching each other. Fry for 30-60 seconds on each side, until they are crispy and golden.

    Transfer the vegetables onto a plate lined with kitchen paper and continue in the same way with the others.

    Sprinkle with a generous amount of flaked salt and serve hot with the accompanying sauce.

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